Anatomy of the Upset: Virginia vs Purdue

Purdue’s defeat of 5 Virginia was a stunning upset not because Purdue has no business beating Virginia but, rather, because the score was so lopsided.  69-40. Seriously? How does the defending national champion find itself on the rough end of such a beat down? The answer is less complicated than it may seem, and itContinue reading “Anatomy of the Upset: Virginia vs Purdue”

What is the Deal with Sparty?

Michigan State’s 87-75 home-court loss to Duke last night demonstrated two major principles of basketball: 1. Turnovers will hurt you. 2. Opponent’s points scored off of turnovers will kill you.  With 10:58 to go in the first half, Duke began a run that would take the score from 18-14 to 29-18 in less than fiveContinue reading “What is the Deal with Sparty?”

Final Four Sneak Peek?

Feast Week 2019 was stuffed with surprises: Duke falls to Stephen F. Austin at home, Sparty has no answer for Virginia Tech, and Michigan returns from Nassau as the hottest team in the land—and the one that nobody saw coming. The tryptophan of a thousand turkeys couldn’t have calmed the excitement that unfolded over theContinue reading “Final Four Sneak Peek?”