The Opening Tip

For a lot of folks, college basketball doesn’t start until March. I get it. I also understand the feeling you get while penciling in names on your bracket minutes before the first play-in game . . . 

You don’t say this out loud, but you feel silly, like a fraud. Why? Because you know the truth: Another college basketball season has passed you by and you still don’t know Iowa from Iona. Right?

So, you say that Duke will win it all because you say that every year and that Kentucky, Kansas, and Michigan State, or North Carolina, will round out the Final Four. Then, you look at the early rounds to find where the upset will happen. After all, you have deep knowledge of the mid-major conferences and those teams from schools you’ve never heard of who ruin things for the big timers. 

This is how you do it. Right?

Ten days later, half of your Final Four is eliminated, and those tiny teams who were supposed to do huge things have been steamrolled. And you’re back at square one, waiting for next March. 

Not this year. 

This year, you’re going to know your stuff. You’re going to be prepared for March because you’re going to start early. And I’m going to help you. 

Whether it’s updates on injuries, previews of games, live tweets of big matchups, or analysis of teams and players on the rise, I’ll be here telling you what you need to know to stay up to speed on all things college basketball.

One thing’s for certain: We’re going to make a great team.

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Husband to Alana (my much better half), daddy to Abe (the best boy ever), vociferous coach, enthusiastic teacher, part-time genius, and one heck of a writer

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